Apply for Commercial Development

The Device Access program is built on a foundation of privacy and security. To create a commercial offering that integrates Google Nest products into your apps, solutions, and smart home ecosystem, partners must go through a certification process. This process gives our users the confidence that partners offering integrated Nest solutions have the right data protections and safeguards in place that meet our privacy and security standards.

The first step in becoming a Commercial partner is to apply for Commercial Development by submitting a use case to Nest for assessment.

Submit an application

The Commercial Development application provides Nest with the following information:

  • How you'll integrate Nest products into your ecosystem
  • How users will engage with your solution(s)
  • What Nest devices you want to access
  • The expected number of users

Apply in the Device Access Console, using the Apply for Commercial Development button on your project's information screen:

Go to the Device Access Console

An email confirming receipt of the application will be sent to the Google account to which your project is registered, and your project will be tagged as   Application in review  . The Nest team will review your application and provide email approval or denial.

Applications are processed regularly on a rolling basis, but you should plan to apply well in advance of your application roadmap's required testing dates (if your testing will require API usage beyond the Sandbox limitations) and with ample time before any commercial or public launch. We try to respond to all inquiries within a week, and you should plan for follow up questions, testing, and subsequent bug fix requests which may require a month or more.

If approved, your project will move into the   Commercial Development   stage and you will be provided with the steps for Device Access certification.

Certification for Commercial Production

Partners accepted for Commercial Development must go through a certification process to reach the Commercial Production stage, where they can officially offer integrated Nest solutions to their users.

To be approved for Commercial Production, partners must:

  • Comply with Google security assessment requirements, which may include security audits specified by Google from time to time.
  • Agree to our Trusted Tester Agreement (TTA) and be certified for pilot testing, which comes with increases in user and rate limits over the default Sandbox limits.
  • Go through a final product review before public launch.