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My Business Business Information API

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The My Business Business Information API provides an interface for managing business information on Google.


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.


GetAttributes Looks up all the attributes set for a given location.
GetGoogleUpdatedAttributes Gets the Google-updated version of the specified location.
ListAttributeMetadata Returns the list of attributes that would be available for a location with the given primary category and country.
UpdateAttributes Update attributes for a given location.


BatchGetCategories Returns a list of business categories for the provided language and GConcept ids.
ListCategories Returns a list of business categories.


GetChain Gets the specified chain.
SearchChains Searches the chain based on chain name.


SearchGoogleLocations Search all of the possible locations that are a match to the specified request.


AssociateLocation Associates a location to a place ID.
ClearLocationAssociation Clears an association between a location and its place ID.
CreateLocation Creates a new Location that will be owned by the logged in user.
DeleteLocation Deletes a location.
GetGoogleUpdatedLocation Gets the Google-updated version of the specified location.
GetLocation Returns the specified location.
ListLocations Lists the locations for the specified account.
UpdateLocation Updates the specified location.