The Business Profile Performance API is now launched! Migration work is required.
Review the deprecation schedule and instructions to migrate over to new v1 APIs from older deprecated v4 API.
Help us improve the food menu experience by filling in this survey to better understand what place, menu, and dish attributes you can provide about the merchants you support
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This support page provides several support contacts.

Business Profile APIs team

Contact the Business Profile support team for technical support.

Contact support

Answers to non-API questions about Business Profile can be found in the Business Profile Help Center.

Business Profile community

Visit the Business Profile forum for discussions with developers and members of the Business Profile community. To ensure that your questions are quickly addressed, preface the title of your post with "[API]".

Visit forum

Tutorials and FAQ

Visit the Business Profile Help Center for tutorials on how to use Business Profile APIs and answers to frequently asked questions.

Visit help center

Google Ads

For information on how your Business Profile account syncs with Google Ads, see Location extensions.

For general information and to learn more about the Google Ads API, visit the Google Ads API developer site or the Google Ads API forum.

Google Ads API developer site

Google Ads API forum