Error Scenarios

The following sections highlight the most common scenarios in which Mobile Data Plan Sharing API returns an error to the caller. If the errors persist, please reach out to for support and share the URL being called along with the request body.

HTTP 404 Not Found

The most common reason for an HTTP 404 error is when GTAF is unable to find the GCM token of the user for whom a notification should be sent. This happens when the device either did not get a chance or failed to register the CPID and the associated GCM token with GTAF. This could also happen if the device is registered with pre-prod instance of GTAF and the notification is being sent to prod instance of GTAF.

To diagnose this error:

  1. ensure that the MDP UI is successfully loading on the device.
  2. ensure that path parameters and the query parameters in the call are URL encoded.
  3. try both pre-prod ( and prod endpoints (

HTTP 400 Bad Request

This error happens when the body of the request sent to GTAF is invalid. The most common scenarios for this are:

  1. updateTime in PlanStatus is not provided or is in the future.
  2. expireTime in PlanStatus is not provided or is in the past.
  3. userKey query parameter is missing.
  4. all the fields required for constructing a notification are not present. Please see notification guidelines for details on how to trigger notifications.

HTTP 409 Conflict

GTAF returns this error to the caller if the PlanStatus in cache is more recent (i.e., the updateTime is more recent) than the one being sent in the request. Please check your logs to see if a PlanStatus has been pushed for this user.

HTTP 403 Forbidden

GTAF returns this error if the caller is not authorized to call Mobile Data Plan Sharing API for the particular ASN being used in the URL. To diagnose this error: 1. verify that the API is enabled in Google cloud console API Library. 1. the service account being used for the call has been added to the ISP portal of the carrier.