Push Notifications


The Google Mobile Data Plan Sharing API also allows an operator to send notifications to a user by pushing a PlanStatus.

The API currently supports 5 types of notifications.

  1. Low Balance: when PlanModule.coarseBalanceLevel is set to LOW_QUOTA
  2. Out of Data: when PlanModule.coarseBalanceLevel is set to OUT_OF_DATA. If in addition to this, the PlanModule.overUsagePolicy is set to PAY_AS_YOU_GO, then the user will be notified that they are about to enter pay as you go mode.
  3. Data Expiration: when PlanModule.planModuleState is set to EXPIRING_SOON
  4. Plan Activation: when PlanModule.planModuleState is set to NEWLY_ACTIVE
  5. Pay as you go: when AccountInfo.payAsYouGoCharge is populated with the amount that the user has spent.
  6. Account top up: when AccountInfo.accountTopUp and AccountInfo.accountBalance are populated.

One notification is sent to the user for each field set. If multiple coarseBalanceLevel or planModuleState fields are set in a single PlanStatus, then an equal number of notifications will be sent to the user.


A notification PlanStatus SHOULD contain as much information as possible about the user's mobile plan. For each type of notification, the Data Plan Sharing API also defines a minimum set of fields which are required to build the notification text. The operator MUST include these fields in a notification PlanStatus.

Notification Required Fields
Low Balance PlanModule.moduleName, PlanModule.byteBalance.remainingBytes
Out of Data PlanModule.moduleName
Data Expiration PlanModule.moduleName, PlanModule.expirationTime
Plan Activation PlanModule.moduleName