Partner information

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Data Access

Micromobility collects information from our users when they submit queries for mobility providers via Google. The information collected may include pick-up and destination details. Our Privacy Policy provides more detail on the information we collect and why we collect it. The Privacy Policy also details how users can update, manage, export, and delete user information. For purposes of fulfilling a user request, we may share user details with the Partner, to be used in accordance with the Partner’s privacy policy. Usage metrics may also be shared with the Partners for their integrations.

Micromobility also collects data from our Partners in order to surface their mobility offerings to Google users. The information collected may include pricing and availability, logos and other brand features, deeplinks to the Partner’s app, and other relevant service information. We may use this information to improve Google products and services, subject to our agreement with the Partner.


The micromobility options surfaced to users are ranked according to a combination of objective factors. These factors are designed to help users find relevant and useful results. The following factors are used: the user's most-used provider and the total journey time inclusive of walking and cycling time. Note that stale or low-quality data isn't displayed. The ranking of the suggestions isn't determined or influenced by partnerships or any financial relationships we might have with Partners.

Grounds for restriction, suspension, or termination

We will restrict, suspend, or terminate a Partner if its feed quality deteriorates beyond what is acceptable. This includes feed quality issues with price accuracy, completeness, or inability to follow support provided to Google to resolve issues with the Partner’s data.

Partners can also be suspended if they violate the Partner contract. Micromobility may suspend a Partner in order to comply with an applicable law or regulatory obligation.

Filing a complaint

If you want to file a complaint about Micromobility or the service you have received, email

If you filed a complaint with Micromobility and you are unsatisfied with the resolution, email to file an appeal.