These reference materials describe the Google-specific structured data type definitions for the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS). Micromobility partners must adhere to these Google-specific definitions to successfully integrate with Google.

Google also requires Micromobility partner apps to have certain capabilities and provide certain assets, which include icons and deep links. For instructions specific to these requirements, refer to Guides.

In the event that feed sharding is required, refer to Feed sharding on best practices and things to look out for.

Supported micromobility systems

We support two types of Microbility systems:

  • Dockless: These Micromobility systems have vehicles that can be found at any location with the locking mechanism on the vehicle itself.

  • Docked: These Micromobility systems use docked stations where a user can borrow a vehicle, such as an electric bike, and subsequently return it to another docked station within the same system.