Seller Rating Partner Requirements

Requirements for All Review Collection

  1. Merchants are not allowed to offer their customers financial incentives to write reviews of any kind.
    1. This includes but is not limited to gift cards, discounts on future purchases, or anything of monetary value.
  2. Users must complete their review within 90 days of receiving a solicitation.
  3. All merchant ratings must be collected on a 1-5 or 1-10 scale.
  4. Only reviews directly collected by a review provider should be sent through the Google feed or displayed and factored into ratings on a review provider’s merchant page.
    1. Scraped or imported reviews from another review provider should never be sent through the Google feed or displayed and factored into ratings on the merchant page.
    2. Review providers are not allowed to partner with other companies that collect reviews and display those reviews on their behalf.
  5. Each merchant eligible for seller ratings must have a page that is public, visible, and discoverable via search engines with all reviews shown.
  6. Merchant pages and corresponding reviews should never be deleted after a merchant stops collecting reviews with a given review provider.

Fair Moderation Policies

  1. Merchants are not able to remove or moderate their reviews.
  2. Reviews may be flagged and will be removed only if the content contains hateful, violent, or inappropriate content, advertising or spam, is off-topic, or contains conflicts of interest.
  3. The review provider must have a set of requirements for removing user reviews and those requirements must be shared with Google.
  4. Reviewers have the ability to delete reviews at any time.
  5. When a user review is undergoing investigation, the review still must be sent through Google feeds.