The Google Meet Live Sharing SDK is in preview. Developers can apply for access through our Early Access Program.

Known issues

This document contains current known issues for Google Meet Live Sharing SDK.

Install Meet before the application

If the sample application is installed before Meet, the Join Meeting workflow might result in a LiveSharingException due to a known permission propagation issue. To fix this, make sure you install Meet before the sample application (or the application that’s consuming the Live Sharing SDK). This will be fixed in an upcoming version.

Using APIs in parallel

Using the co-watching and co-doing APIs together in parallel might slow down updates across different users, affecting user experience. Use either the co-watching API or co-doing API at one time, until performance is improved an upcoming version.

Callback when meeting ends

The onMeetingEnded callback on the MeetingDisconnectHandler might not trigger sometimes when the meeting ends. This will be fixed in an upcoming version.