The Google Meet Live Sharing SDK is in preview. Developers can apply for access through our Early Access Program.

Manage live meetings

After launch and sign-in, we recommend the live sharing app regularly (such as every few seconds) calls the lightweight LiveSharingClient.queryMeeting() method to check for the existence of an ongoing meeting. The returned LiveSharingMeetingInfo helps inform the live sharing app about how to engage live sharing:


public abstract class LiveSharingMeetingInfo {
  public enum MeetingStatus {

Each of these cases should be dealt with differently:

  • NOT_CONNECTED: The user is not participating in a meeting, so initiating a live sharing session is not needed.
  • CONNECTED: The user is participating in a meeting, but the meeting is not hosting a live sharing session. Beginning the live sharing session is needed as the user seems likely to begin live sharing.
  • CONNECTED_WITH_LIVE_SHARING: The user is participating in a meeting that's also hosting a live sharing session. Connecting to the live sharing session immediately is needed. For more information, see Using the Co-Watching API or Using the Co-Doing API.