About the Quick Start Widget

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The Google Maps Platform Quick Start Widget is a safe, secure way to set up your account with Google (if you haven't already) and get an API key for use with Google Maps Platform plugins on third-party platforms such as Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, and more.

The billing information you provide to Google is secure and cannot be viewed by plugin developers or the platform you're using.

When using a Google Maps Platform plugin, you may see an onboarding button like the following that launches the Quick Start Widget and lets you quickly generate an API key for use with the plugin. If you haven't already created a Google or set up account billing, the Quick Start Widget also guides you through that process. In fact, you can get an API key now for use with any Google Maps Platform plugin by clicking the following button, which launches the Quick Start Widget right here.

Widget showing that an account already exists, redirecting the user to the Cloud Console If you have an existing Google Maps Platform account and project, the Quick Start Widget lets you know and sends you to the Google Cloud Console where you can either use an existing API key or generate a new one.

After you've generated an API key, you should secure it by following the API security best practices.


Google Maps Platform automatically credits $200 in usage every month, at no charge, to the billing account associated with your Google Cloud project.

Usage is charged per request made to Google Maps Platform APIs, such as requesting map loads, directions, and Place information. The cost per request varies based on the type of request and total number of monthly requests. For more information, check out our pricing calculator.

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To search for help or create a support case, go to the Google Maps Platform Support section of the Google Cloud Console.