Developer resources for solutions

Use the resources here to incorporate best practices for improving the user experience in your solutions.
Make filling out sign-up forms quick and easy for your users, and help provide proof of address within the app.
The 3D Area Explorer solution allows you to explore neighborhoods and areas virtually and in 3D with a high degree of visual detail, identify points of interest, and create immersive, interactive experiences using Google Maps Platform Photorealistic 3D Tiles and the Places API.
The 3D Storytelling solution bridges storytelling and mapping, enabling creators to craft immersive and interactive narratives using Photorealistic 3D Tiles.
See the code behind the features that help users find the nearest stores, products, ATMs, and branches quickly.
Learn how to make the most of the widget that reduces shopping cart abandonment and raises delivery success rates.
Learn how to match user transactions with merchant names, details, and locations to help users quickly identify their transactions and reduce customer service calls.