Getting started with Google Maps Platform

This page goes through the basic, required steps to start using any of the APIs and SDKs on Google Maps Platform.


If you have never used the Google Cloud Console to create a billing account or a project, click the Get Started button below; alternatively, for more detailed instructions, read the following Getting started procedures section:

Get Started

The Get Started button will guide you through a process in the Cloud Console to do the following:

  1. Pick one or more products.
  2. Create a project.
  3. Set up a billing account.
  4. Enable APIs associated with the products you picked.
  5. Create an API key.

At the end of the process, an API key will be created for you. To add and restrict your API key see Getting started procedures section, Step 4: Get an API key.

Getting started procedures

Walk through the required instructions in the following tabs to start using Google Maps Platform:

Step 1

To use Google Maps Platform, you must have a billing account. The billing account is used to track costs associated with your projects. Make sure you understand how the billing account credits work.

To create a billing account:

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Console.
  2. Click the menu button and select Billing.
  3. Set up your billing account.
    • If this is your first billing account, on the Billing page:
      • Click the Add billing account button.
      • Follow the steps to set up your first billing account.
    • If you already have a billing account, on the Billing page:
      • Click the billing drop-down and select Manage billing accounts.
        You'll see a list of your current billing accounts.
      • Select Create account
      • Follow the instructions to set up your next billing account.

Step 2

To use Google Maps Platform, you must have a project. The project is the basis for managing services, credentials, billing, APIs, and SDKs. Usage costs associated with the project will be charged to the billing account linked to the project.

To create a project:

  1. Go to the Cloud Console.
  2. Click the menu button and select Home.
  3. Click the project drop-down and select NEW PROJECT.
  4. On the New Project page, fill in the required information.
    • Project name: Accept the default or enter a customized name.
    • Project ID: Accept the default or click EDIT to enter a customized ID.
      • The project ID cannot be changed after the project is created, so choose an ID that you'll be comfortable using for the lifetime of the project.
    • Billing account: Select a billing account for the project (if you only have one billing account, you won't see this option).
    • Location: If you have an organization you want to link your project to, click Browse and select it, otherwise choose "No organization".
  5. Click CREATE

Step 3

To use Google Maps Platform, you must enable the APIs or SDKs you plan to use with your project on Cloud Console.

Note that some integrations require you to enable multiple APIs/SDKs. If you are not sure which APIs or SDKs to enable, try using the API Picker, or consult the documentation for the API/SDK you want to use.

To enable one or more APIs or SDKs:

  1. See the Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs that you can enable by going to the Maps API Library page in the Cloud Console:

    Go to the Maps API Library page

  2. Click the API or SDK you want to enable.
    • If the button says ENABLE, click the button to enable the API or SDK.
    • If the button says MANAGE, the API or SDK is already enabled and you don't need to do anything further.
    • Clicking either button will display the dashboard for the API or SDK. (Click the DISABLE button to remove the API or SDK from this project.)

To view the APIs or SDKs you have enabled:

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Console.
  2. Locate the Google Maps Platform API page:
    • Click the menu button .
    • Under Home, scroll down the menu to locate and then click Google Maps Platform.
    • Under Overview, APIs will appear in the menu if you have enabled at least one API or SDK.
  3. Click APIs to view the status of the APIs:
    • Enabled APIs: These API or SDKs are enabled.
    • Additional APIs: These API or SDKs are not enabled.

Step 4

This step walks you through getting an API key, adding it to your application, and restricting the API key so that it can only be used with your app.

To use Google Maps Platform, you must have an API key. The API key is added to all of your requests and applications. We strongly recommended that you restrict your API key.

To get, add, and restrict an API key:

  1. In the table below, select the API or SDK you are interested in. You will be directed to the Get an API Key guide for the API or SDK you selected.
  2. Follow the instructions in the guide to get, add, or restrict the API key.

As you continue your development work, you may want to create an additional billing account or get a second API key. You can return to the Cloud Console to perform any of the following procedures, as needed.

Billing Account Credits

Once you have created a billing account and project you are eligible for the Google Cloud Platform $300 free trial and Google Maps Platform recurring $200 monthly credit. To learn more, see Billing Account Credits.

Next steps

Once you are set up, you can begin using the Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs. To learn more, see the Overview, Developer, and Get Started guides for the API or SDK you are interested in. The APIs and SDKs are listed at Google Maps Platform Documentation (by product) and Google Maps Platform APIs (by platform).