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Get Started

Start building with the Maps Static API.
Follow the Google Maps Platform getting started guide to create an account, generate an API key, and start building.
Add a Maps Static API image to your map by using an <img> tag.
Customize just about every aspect of the map, including roads, geographical features, points of interest, and more.
Add markers to a map, customize their size and color, and use your own custom images.


Browse docs for core features of the Maps Static API.
Specify lat/lng coordinates to center the map.
Display one or more sets of markers on the map.
Apply your own custom styles to a map.
Display the road, satellite, hybrid, terrain, and custom maps.
Draw customizable paths between points on the map.
Define the viewport by specifying visible locations.

Help & support

Get help. Give help. Join the community.

Get help. Give Help. Build Maps karma.

Report a bug or open a feature request.

Find out about platform incidents and outages.

Get help from the Google Maps Platform team.