Apple App Store Privacy Details

Google is committed to helping our customers create great iOS apps for end users.

As of iOS 14, Apple has been publishing their app privacy requirements on the App Privacy Details page and in their privacy manifest documentation.

Apple has now released more details on the questionnaire. We will be sharing information on whether and how Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs handle end users' data, including any applicable settings or configurations you can control as the app developer.

Google Maps Platform SDKs for iOS are considered third-party SDKs in iOS apps. Privacy manifests help developers describe reasons for accessing privacy-related data, including third-party SDK use of such data.

We aim to be as transparent as possible in supporting you; however, as the app developer, you are solely responsible for deciding how to meet Apple's privacy requirements and whether to show end users any permissions or prompts described by Apple.

The resources we provide are based on the latest information Apple is providing to third-party SDK owners, and we will update the What's New section as new information emerges.

What's new

Updated 4/4/24

The installation instructions for Google Maps Platform SDKs for iOS now have download links and instructions for manually adding privacy manifest files for use with the latest versions of the SDKs. If you receive feedback from Apple regarding the contents of these privacy manifests, please report that feedback on the related Issue Tracker issue. Find instructions and manifests for each SDK at the following links: