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Activate the Google Maps Geolocation API

To get you started we'll guide you through the Google Developers Console to do a few things first:

  1. Create or choose a project
  2. Activate the Google Maps Geolocation API
  3. Create appropriate keys

Google Maps Geolocation API Usage Limits

The Google Maps Geolocation API has the following limits in place:

Standard Usage Limits

Users of the standard API:

  • 2,500 free requests per day
  • 50 requests per second, per user

Enable pay-as-you-go billing to unlock higher quotas:

$0.50 USD / 1000 additional requests, up to 100,000 daily.

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Billing has been enabled for your selected project.

Enabling billing

To enable billing and unlock higher quotas for the Google Maps APIs, we'll guide you through the Google Developers Console to complete a few tasks:

  1. Create or choose a project
  2. Set up or choose your billing profile
  3. Enable billing on your project

Premium Usage Limits

Google Maps APIs Premium Plan customers:

  • Shared daily free quota of 100,000 requests per 24 hours; additional requests applied against the annual purchase of Maps APIs Credits
  • 50* requests per second

* Default limit. Contact your Google Enterprise Sales Account Manager if you need a higher limit.

Additional benefits of a premium plan:

  • Annual contracts with enterprise terms
  • 24 hour technical support
  • Service level agreement (SLA)
  • Licenses for internal, OEM, and asset tracking use cases

Contact Sales for more info.

Increase your Quota by Enabling Pay-as-you-go Billing

The standard Google Maps Geolocation API supports up to 100,000 queries daily. A project will be restricted to the complimentary 2,500 per-day-limit until you enable billing on the project. Once billing has been enabled, if you exceed 2,500 queries in a day, you will be billed at $0.50 USD / 1000 additional elements, up to 100,000 daily.

The maximum billable limit defaults to 100,000 requests per day. You can change this limit by clicking the edit icon next to the requests per day quota on the Quotas page of the API in the Google API Console.

If your API usage reaches your billable limit on any given day, your application will not be able to access the API for the remainder of that day.

Google charges you at the beginning of each month for the previous month's activity, using your specified payment method.

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Terms of Use Restrictions

For information on terms of use, see policies for the Google Maps Geolocation API, and the License Restrictions section of the Google Maps APIs Terms of Service.

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