Create engaging web and mobile apps with Google’s mapping platform.

Google Maps, available on every screen


55 million downloads can’t be wrong. Bring the popularity of Google Maps to your app with the Google Maps SDK for iOS.


Bring more accurate, comprehensive and easy-to-use maps to your mobile app with the Google Maps Android API.


Deliver a seamless browser experience with the Google Maps JavaScript API v3 and kill two birds with one HTML5-powered stone.


It's a bird. It's a plane. It’s Google Maps, now available in the dashboard of your car, in your gaming console, and with you while you work out.

Design a map to call your own

Styled Maps



Street View

See the world come to life with Street View and hi-res satellite imagery from Google Earth. Street View is available on seven continents, from the streets of Shinjuku to the penguins of Antarctica.

When only accurate and comprehensive maps will do


The Google Places API can be used to find places your users care about like restaurants, businesses and landmarks. The database of 95 million businesses is verified by owners and users on a daily basis.

Data Feeds

Google Maps is built from 1,300 data feeds, providing you with a comprehensive map for your app. One of those data feeds lets you access one million transit stops across 500 cities for routing using the Directions and Distance Matrix APIs (extra credit for incorporating Elevation data).


From Tibet to Belize, more than 40,000 people are using Map Maker to improve the quality of our maps in over 200 countries. Right-to-left language support? We’ve got you covered.


Did you know that California drifts 2.5 inches every year due to the shift in plate tectonics? We did. And now your app does too.

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