Reporting Issues

Bugs happen, especially with translation tools. When you have a problem with J2ObjC, please check this project's Issues list. If the issue has already been reported, add a comment mentioning any additional information you've found and you'll be CC'd on all updates. You can also watch the repository, and all issue updates will be emailed to you.

If the issue hasn't been reported, please file a new issue click the New Issue button, and fill it out with the problem you found. If possible, include a small code sample that demonstrates the problem. J2ObjC is a kind of compiler, and the fastest way to get compiler bugs fixed is to include a code snippet.

Enhancement Suggestions

Some of J2ObjC's best features have been suggestions from other developers. We're therefore very interested in your feedback on how we can make the tool more useful. File an issue, marking it as an enhancement by clicking the enhancement label on the right side.

Submitting Fixes

Often translator bugs have simple fixes, so if you have the time and interest, consider reading the source and see where the problem is. We think translators are fun to work on, especially since many errors are in the generators, which are relatively easy to understand. Perhaps you have similar interest and skill, and we'd love your help.

If you come up with a fix, please include it with the bug description or attach a patch file. A committer will soon review the patch or fix, and apply it (if appropriate). If you are interested in becoming a project committer, submitting high quality patches is the best introduction to the team.