Project Ideas

While J2ObjC is quickly maturing, there is still more features developers would like to see. There are several such projects that are small and self-contained, perfect for engineers interested in learning about translators or want to contribute in some way. If you'd like to help, please read through and accept the Google Individual Contributor License Agreement, then read on!

Translation Enhancements

  • Optimized code: j2objc's translations tend to be semantically correct (adhere's to the Java source's design), but often can be better written from an Objective-C perspective. Any time you see translated code and think, "I'd write it this way," consider contributing an optimization.

Other Libraries

  • JOGL (Java for OpenGL): The JOGL project already has a macosx port. The OSX-specific code is small, so it should be feasible to port it to iOS using j2objc, especially since it's actively used on Android.
  • JSON: there are several JSON libraries in Java, so picking one that is fast, small, and aligns well with iOS would be useful.

  • Apache HttpCore, Apache HttpClient

Sample iOS Apps

There is a relatively steep learning curve for using j2objc, so simple apps that demonstrate how it can be integrated with iOS apps will help.


How to start, performance tips, etc.