Projects that use J2ObjC

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App Store Apps

Afield Rocky Mountain ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji
Air Doctor Bandcamp for Artists & Labels
Codeword Unlimited Free Crossword Solver Free Version
DriverApp - Dispatch Booking Driver Dulwich Picture Gallery
EasyNG Fine Arts Belgium (Brussels)
FlingMonster Kingdom Builder
Laundrapp Ligretto
The Morgan Library & Museum Musée des arts et métiers
Pop Blackjack Pop Poker
Quadrus Quando
With WIFI Word Fit Puzzle +
Word Search Ultimate Yahoo Esports +

Open Source Tools and Libraries

  • closure-objc: A Clojure compiler that targets Objective C runtimes.
  • CocoaPods: J2ObjC libraries for the CocoaPods dependency manager
  • Doppl: Cross-platform Android/iOS framework based on J2ObjC, with Gradle support.
  • GDJson: Minimalistic JSON library for Java/Android/iOS/GWT/J2ObjC
  • J2ObjC Gradle Plugin: Build J2ObjC projects using Gradle
  • J2ObjC Maven Plugin: Build J2ObjC projects using Maven
  • j2objc-common-libs-e2e-test: iOS builds for popular Java libraries (status).
  • realtime-store: Google Docs–style collaboration via the use of operational transforms
  • sqlighter-4-j2objc: Library that provides a cross-platform API for SQLite for J2ObjC and Android
  • SquiDB: Another cross-platform SQLite database library for Android and iOS from Yahoo.