Deprecation and Sunset

The Google Sign-In JavaScript platform library for Web is set to be deprecated after March 31, 2023. Google Identity Services for Web solution is the new, more secure way to sign in users with Google accounts. It's easy to use and protects users' personal information.

Key points

  • The support of the Google Sign-in JavaScript library is deprecated after March 31, 2023.
  • New OAuth client IDs cannot use the deprecated library.
  • Sunset date of the deprecated library is yet to be determined.
  • We'll send out advanced notices to affected developers when sunset date is confirmed. Please make sure your Google Cloud Platform Project contact information associated with your OAuth client ID(s) is correct.
  • We'll also announce the sunset date here. Please bookmark this page and come back often for updates.
  • The deprecation only affects the Google Sign-In JavaScript library for Web. If you are using One Tap sign-in on Android SDK, Google Sign-in for iOS and macOS SDK, or OAuth 2.0 for authentication or authorization with Google services, this deprecation does not affect your app(s).

Migration Guides

To migrate your web app off the deprecated Google Sign-In JavaScript library, use the new Google Identity Services library. We provide detailed guides on how to migrate.


The table below lists the specific deprecation and sunset dates.

Library Deprecation date Sunset date
Google Sign-in JavaScript for Web March 31, 2023 To be determined

Differences between deprecation and sunset

Definition The deprecated library is a version that is not the latest one. The sunset library can no longer be used. Requests sent to this library will fail on or after the sunset date.
Implication For existing OAuth client ID(s) using the deprecated library, you can still use the deprecated library until they're sunset, but any new OAuth client ID cannot use the deprecated library.

We encourage you to use to the new Google Identity Services library as soon as possible to benefit from new features.

You need to migrate off the sunset library immediately in order to use Google services.