Iron Company

Iron Company is one of the first internet fitness equipment vendors on the market since 1997. Iron Company is committed to offering the widest selection of first-class gym equipment and flooring solutions.

Plumrocket is a web design and e-commerce development company that builds e-commerce stores and creates extensions for them to meet unique business needs.


“Google One Tap is more than just a fast sign-in option. The return on Plumrocket Social Login Pro Extension is outstanding with almost no development effort. It helped reach key company goals providing website visitors instant access to account management and fast order placement.”
J.P. Brice
President of Iron Company

After Google One Tap for Web was implemented:
  • Sign ups increased by 8X.
  • Compared to old Google Sign Up, sign ups using Google One Tap increased by 70x.
  • When compared to other social network signups, Google One Tap is used 25x more often to create new accounts.
  • Customers who used Google One Tap to sign in were responsible for 32% of total orders, resulting in a 16% increase.


The Iron Company offers a wide range of fitness tools to customers from all over the world striving for a seamless user experience online in order to optimize and drive more customers through the sales journey.

With this in mind, it is critical that customers have instant access to their accounts and are not interrupted by time-consuming registration forms.

While customers can complete orders in a non-signed-in state, customers are still required to share personal information including shipping and billing addresses for each purchase. Furthermore, these customers are more likely to abandon the cart, which directly impacts bottom line revenue.

Solution and Results

The Iron Company site is built on an open-source e-commerce platform that gives Iron Company access to various plug and play extensions. By leveraging Plumrocket’s Social Login Pro e-commerce Extension, Iron Company has rapidly and effectively enabled Google Identity Services to customers on its website. This provides seamless sign-in and sign-up solutions making the purchasing process frictionless. As a result of using Google Identity Services, Iron Company saw an 8X uplift in new user sign ups.

Not only have customer sign ups increased after Google One Tap was implemented, the number of orders placed grew as well. Before enabling One Tap, the purchasing rate of all orders placed by signed-in customers was 24%; however, once One Tap was enabled, the purchasing rate of signed-in customers jumped to 40%, which resulted in a 1.7X uplift in purchases and directly impacting bottom line revenue.

Whether on mobile or desktop, customers can access their accounts with a simple click to either sign in or sign up using Google One Tap, which is a key feature of Google Identity Services. This low friction solution, compared to multi-step processes required by other federated sign in methods, was instrumental in seeing this immediate impact on acquiring new users. With Google Identity Services, customers no longer had long registration processes which historically required customers to provide personal data such as email addresses, complete additional confirmation flows and remember login credentials.


By leveraging Plumrocket’s Google One Tap extension, it only took Iron Company several minutes to deploy Google One Tap for the Web. Once the extension was installed, an Iron Company developer simply enabled the Google One Tap option.

A screenshot of Iron Company web page using Google Identity Service One Tap.