Add-on review

Add-on review is a process where add-ons are examined to confirm they meet Google's design, content, and style guidelines prior to being published publicly. Add-on review ensures that add-ons presented in the Chrome Web Store and G Suite Marketplace provide a good user experience, which in turn reflects well on the add-on developer.

Add-on review is triggered automatically when you attempt to publish an add-on publicly. A review request is generated and sent to Google's internal review team.

After a review team member makes their initial assessment, they will send you an email to tell you whether your add-on has been approved (and has been automatically added to the Chrome Web Store, G Suite Marketplace, or both).

If your add-on requires additional work, the add-on review team will send you a review document containing specific information about what aspects of the add-on need improvement. Address all highlighted issues and follow the provided instructions to resubmit your add-on. Many developers are required to improve their add-ons prior to public release; some may be required to do this multiple times. You may always contact our review team for more information and guidance with this process. Once the review team's concerns are satisfied, you are informed and the add-on is automatically added the G Suite Marketplace.

Areas of review

The review team examines the several aspects when considering an add-on for publication. Your add-on should do the following to maximize its chances of passing review:

Review duration

The amount of time it takes to review an add-on can vary depending on how many add-ons have been recently submitted for review and how many corrections the add-on requires. It is not uncommon for an add-on review to take several days to complete, so take this into account when planning your development and publishing timelines.

You can improve your chances of a speedy approval by making sure your add-on meets all the guidelines and has a polished user experience prior to starting the publishing process.