Type name: FlightReservation

Extends Reservation

Name Type Description
additionalTicketText Text Additional information about the boarding pass.
airplaneSeat Text The location of the reserved seat (e.g., 27B).
airplaneSeatClass The cabin/class of the airplaneSeat.
airplaneSeatClass.name Text Name of the AirplaneSeatClass.
boardingGroup Text The airline-specific indicator of boarding order / preference.
bookingAgent Organization or Person Booking agent or agency. Also accepts a string (e.g. "").
bookingAgent.name Text Name of the agent/service.
bookingAgent.url URL Website of the agent/service.
bookingTime DateTime Date the reservation was made.
modifiedTime DateTime (recommended for Confirmation Cards/Search Answers) Time the reservation was last modified.
potentialAction , ConfirmAction, CancelAction or CheckInAction Action that can be performed on the reservation.
potentialAction.target EntryPoint Specifies a handler to process the action, typically a simple URL.
programMembership ProgramMembership Any membership in a frequent flyer, hotel loyalty program, etc. being applied to the reservation.
programMembership.memberNumber Text The identifier of the membership.
programMembership.program Text The name of the program.
Flight The flight the reservation is for.
Airline The airline providing the flight.
Text The IATA code for the airline.
Text Name of the Airline.
Airport The final destination of the flight. Also accepts a string (e.g. "John F. Kennedy International Airport JFK").
Text The IATA code for the airport (e.g. 'UA').
Text Name of the Airport.
reservationFor.arrivalGate Text Identifier of the airport arrival gate of the flight.
reservationFor.arrivalTerminal Text The airport terminal of the arrivalGate.
DateTime Expected time of arrival.
reservationFor.boardingTime DateTime Time when boarding will commence.
Airport The departure airport for the flight. Also accepts a string (e.g. "San Francisco Airport SFO").
Text The IATA code for the airport (e.g. 'UA').
Text Name of the Airport.
reservationFor.departureGate Text Identifier of the airport departure gate of the flight.
reservationFor.departureTerminal Text The airport terminal of the departureGate.
DateTime Expected time of departure.
Text Flight identifier.
reservationFor.operatedBy Airline The airline operating the flight.
reservationFor.operatedBy.iataCode Text The IATA code for the airline.
reservationFor.operatedBy.name Text Name of the Airline.
reservationFor.webCheckinTime DateTime Earliest time for web checkin.
Text The number or id of the reservation.
ReservationStatus Current status of the reservation.
ticketDownloadUrl URL Where the boarding pass can be downloaded.
ticketNumber Text The number or id of the ticket.
ticketPrintUrl URL Where the boarding pass can be printed.
ticketToken Text or URL If the barcode image is hosted on your site, the value of the field is URL of the image, or a barcode or QR URI, such as "barcode128:AB34" (ISO-15417 barcodes), "qrCode:AB34" (QR codes), "aztecCode:AB34" (Aztec codes), "barcodeEAN:1234" (EAN codes) and "barcodeUPCA:1234" (UPCA codes).
Organization or Person The passenger.
underName.email Text Email address.
Text Name of the Person.
url URL Web page where reservation can be viewed.