The Google Glass Explorer Edition SDK is deprecated. This documentation is no longer being maintained. If you're interested in developing Glass solutions for enterprise clients, visit the Google Glass Enterprise Edition developer documentation.

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Added in API level XE12

Contains classes for Glass-themed UI widgets.


Slider.Determinate A determinate slider that tracks a position from left to right. 
Slider.GracePeriod A slider that animates from left to right during the given grace period in timeInMs and then dismisses itself after running the appropriate callback. 
Slider.GracePeriod.Listener Listener call-backs. 
Slider.Indeterminate An indeterminate slider that animates continuously to indicate ongoing but otherwise unknown progress. 
Slider.Scroller A scroll slider that indicates the current position within a fixed-size collection. 


CardBuilder The CardBuilder class helps with building Glass-themed cards with various layouts. 
CardScrollAdapter A special form of a BaseAdapter
CardScrollView A View that shows horizontally scrolling children views, referred to as cards. 
Slider A Slider from which slider appearances can be drawn: Slider.Scroller, Slider.Determinate, Slider.Indeterminate, and Slider.GracePeriod


CardBuilder.Layout Defines the visual layouts for cards. 
CardScrollView.Animation Defines animation type used to navigate to, insert, or delete a card.