Data types

Google Fit provides a set of fitness data types under the namespace.

Data types define the format of the values inside data points. A data point can represent:

  • An instantaneous reading or observation
  • An aggregate with statistics over a time interval

Google Fit defines data types for instantaneous observations and data types for aggregate data. Data points consist of values for the fields of a data type and timestamp information. Points that represent instantaneous observations include a timestamp, and points of an aggregate data type also include the start time for the interval.

Google Fit also lets you define new data types.

Data types

Google Fit features the following data types:

Public data types
Standard data types provided by the platform, like Any app can read and write data of these types, with a few exceptions. For more information, see Public data types.
Private custom data types
Custom data types defined by a specific app. Only the app that defines the data type can read and write data of this type. For more information, see Custom data types.
Restricted data types
Data types provided by the platform that have restricted access due to potentially sensitive data. For more information, see Restricted data types.
Aggregate data types
Data types to read health and fitness information aggregated by time or activity type. For more information, see Aggregate data types.