Disconnect from Google Fit

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Disconnecting from Google Fit revokes all granted OAuth permissions for your app and removes all recording subscriptions and sensor registrations made by your app.

You need to provide users with a Disconnect from Google Fit option in your app settings. When users select this option, you can call the ConfigClient.disableFit method to disable Google Fit:


Fitness.getConfigClient(this,  GoogleSignIn.getAccountForExtension(this, fitnessOptions))
    .addOnSuccessListener {
        Log.i(TAG,"Disabled Google Fit")
    .addOnFailureListener { e ->
        Log.w(TAG,"There was an error disabling Google Fit", e)


Fitness.getConfigClient(this, GoogleSignIn.getAccountForExtension(this, fitnessOptions))
        .addOnSuccessListener(unused ->
            Log.i(TAG, "Disabled Google Fit"))
        .addOnFailureListener(e ->
            Log.w(TAG, "There was an error disabling Google Fit", e));