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Google Fit

Working with the Fitness History

The History API enables your app to perform bulk operations on the fitness store: inserting, deleting, and reading fitness data. Use the History API to:

  • Import batch data into Google Fit.
  • Read fitness data that was inserted or recorded using other apps.
  • Delete data that your app previously stored in the fitness history.
  • Disable Google Fit for an app.

To insert fitness data with session metadata, you can use the Sessions API.

Read data

To read data from the fitness history, first create a DataReadRequest instance:

The data request can specify multiple data types to return, effectively combining multiple data queries into one call. This example only specifies the TYPE_STEP_COUNT_DELTA data type. The data request can also indicate whether to return time-series data points or aggregated data points. This example uses aggregated data points where each point represents the number of steps walked in a day. For this particular use case, aggregated data points have two advantages:

  • Your app and the fitness store exchange smaller amounts of data.
  • Your app does not have to aggregate the data manually.

After you create a DataReadRequest instance, use the HistoryApi.readData method and wait synchronously or provide a callback method to process the data from the fitness history.

The following example demonstrates how to obtain the points from a dataset:

Insert data

To insert data into the fitness history, first create a DataSet instance:

After you create a DataSet instance, use the HistoryApi.insertData method and wait synchronously or provide a callback method to check the status of the insertion.

Delete data

Google Fit enables your app to delete fitness data that it inserted into the fitness history.

To delete fitness data from the fitness history, use the HistoryApi.deleteData method:

Apps can provide specific sessions or delete all data. Fore more information, see the API reference for DataDeleteRequest.