Use Bluetooth Sensors

Google Fit includes support for Bluetooth Low Energy sensors that implement a standard GATT profile. The Bluetooth Low Energy API enables your app to look for available BLE devices and to use a BLE device with the Recording API and the Sensors API.

Scan for available devices

To scan for nearby BLE devices, use the BleClient.startBleScan method:

BleScanCallback bleScanCallbacks = new BleScanCallback() {
    public void onDeviceFound(BleDevice device) {
        // A device that provides the requested data types is available
    public void onScanStopped() {
        // The scan timed out or was interrupted

Task<Void> response = Fitness.getBleClient(this,
                      1000, bleScanCallbacks);

Claim a device

To make a BLE device available to the Recording API and the Sensors API, use the BleClient.claimBleDevice method:

Task<Void> response = Fitness.getBleClient(this,

If the BLE device is claimed successfully, you can access it like any other sensor using the Recording API and the Sensors API. For example, you can obtain a data source object for the BLE device with the SensorsClient.findDataSources method.

Release a device

To stop using a BLE device with Google Fit, use the BleClient.unclaimBleDevice method:

Task<Void> response = Fitness.getBleClient(this,

If the request is successful, the BLE device no longer appears as an available sensor in Google Fit.