York Wang

York Wang


Chengdu, China


  • IoT


York started linux BSP porting in 2009. He finished some projects like linux BSP porting(for cpu manufacture), Android System porting, embedded linux system development, Wireless Sensor Network System(the former name of IOT) development, Android wear & Tizen app development and wristband development. He was the main developer & Technical Leader in these projects.

He used these devices in his past development work:

Development board: JZ4760, jz4770(MIPS board), MTK, MSTAR (MIPS television development board), Samsung's s3c6410, s5pv210, Freescale imax6(ARM board), and fpga board.

Microchip: Nordic 51822, stm32, TI cc254x, TI cc253x and other sensors.

Smart devices: Wristband (Codoon, Fitbit), watches (Android wear, Tizen, pebble) and others.

He is familiar with ARM & MIPS architecture, cross-compile toolchain(Building & Using), bootloader & linux. He is good at c programing, especially using C language to OS development. He is skilled in finding a way to solving complex problems.

He likes to chat with other people, and help them to solve technical problems.

York is a freelance for embedded and IOT based development.