Valentyn Shybanov

Valentyn Shybanov

Web Technologies, Google Cloud Platform, Flutter

Kyiv, Ukraine


  • Web Platform (HTML5
  • Chrome
  • Web Performance
  • Angular)
  • Cloud Platform (Google Cloud Platform
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker)
  • Go
  • Dart


Started software engineering career with low level system programming mostly on start of the era of modern computers, Valentyn's interest involved from programming calculators and simple games to developing complex enterprise-level cloud-based solutions. Now, with help of modern technologies, solutions and concepts, he is not just trying to bring any, even most courageous ideas into life, but also spread the light of all brilliant technology solutions I can find to all other developers. Now focused on combination of Web technologies (AngularJS, Dart) and cloud platforms (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon EC2, Azure etc).

Currently Valentyn holds a position of Software Architect of Twinfield International N.V. and building online accounting system and responsible for making architectural decisions for bringing Twinfield application into cloud. Also part of Wolter’s Kluwer’s European PaaS initiative (building enterprise-level PaaS solution to unify development environment for different WK companies)