Todd Motto

Todd Motto

Web Technologies, Angular

Swindon, UK


  • JavaScript
  • MVVM
  • AngularJS


Todd is a JavaScript and HTML5 developer focusing on AngularJS. He is the Director of Web Development at Mozio (San Francisco based start-up), a Developer Expert at Google,an active conference speaker, and an open source evangelist.

One of his big focus is on making web development easier for others, and does so by blogging and making code freely available via open source and on his blog, which brings around 100,000+ visitors per month.

In 2013, Todd partnered with Intel and Rolling Stone to bring an HTML5 experience to life. Many other brands have recognised and used/shared his work, including: Rolling Stone, Intel, Adobe, NASA, HTML5 Hub, AppendTo, Google, Esquire, Microsoft/MSDN, Wired, Huffington Post, KitKat, Smashing Magazine, Net Magazine, TechPro.

He is the creator of Conditionizr (.NET Magazine's Open Source Project of the Year finalist) amongst other notable open source projects include Echo.js, FluidVids.js, Apollo.js, HTML5 Blank, FireShell.

Todd also has taught workshops in San Francisco (Google HQ), Boston (FOWA), London (FOWA) on JavaScript and AngularJS, amongst many speaking engagements for conferences and meetups.