Pablo Caif

Pablo Caif

Google Cloud Platform

Melbourne, Australia


  • Dataflow
  • BigQuery
  • Java
  • GCP
  • Restful web services
  • Dig Data
  • Backend services
  • Client-Server architecture
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • Software engineering
  • System integration


Pablo is a passionate software engineer who enjoys solving complex problems, and devising simple solutions. He works at Shine Technologies and he is part of a team that uses BigQuery and Dataflow to solve challenging and complex data processing business requirements.

Pablo has extensive experience building software solutions mainly in Java, as well as client-server applications.

Pablo considers that scalability and performance are paramount to developing a great solution, and that is why he has been using Dataflow and BigQuery to bring these solutions to reality.

Pablo enjoys spending time with his family and friends as well as playing his guitar. He also likes experimenting with mobile development and reading scientific stuff.