Masashi Katsumata

Masashi Katsumata

Google Maps APIs

Los Angeles, CA, United States


  • Client-Service Architecture both mobile and PC


Masashi is a broad-skilled software engineer with both client-side and server-side experience. He loves JavaScript (again for clients and servers), but he also use Java, Python, Objective-C, c++ and others.

As a Google Developer Expert in Japan, Masashi has published three books on the subject of Google Maps API. He's also worked on projects that use Google Maps API(JavaScript) and Google App Engine(Python).

After working in Japan for seven years, Masashi moved to the USA, where he now works with Social Rewards, inc. Here, he's in charge of developing a photo booth which displays real-time composite pictures using Android (Java, and c++) and OpenCV(c++).

phonegap-googlemaps-plugin( is a well known project of Masashi's. This plugin uses Google Maps Android API v2(Java) and Google Maps SDK for iOS(Objective-C) from JavaScript. The plugin also allows many Javascript developers to use native Google Maps SDKs.