Makoto Anjo

Makoto Anjo


Tokyo, Japan


  • Client Architecture
  • Mobile Game Design
  • Animation


Makoto is a software engineer and game designer who's worked on consumer software products.

He's deployed a couple of front-end and back-end systems for computer games used on feature phones and smart phones. And, as part of his work as a Google Developer Expert (formerly Google API Expert in Japan), Makoto is a manager of the Android community mailing list (Android-SDK-Japan).

Makoto is also a founder of Japan Android Group(JAG) – one of the largest Android developer communities in the world. He has been a director of JAG for about three years, and helped increase its membership to 20,000 people.

He is also an organiser of Google Developer Group Tokyo.

Previously, was a planner and engineer on the team who designed SH-06D NERV – a collaboration between Android phone with NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, a Japanese animation film. Alongside that, he's been creating games for smartphones, and working for as a mobile application specialist.

Makoto was born and grew up in Tokyo, and graduated from University of Maryland, Baltimore County in the United States, where he majored in Computer Science. He loves animes, as well as games, and sometimes joins comercial anime projects as a technical director.