Javier Ramirez

Javier Ramirez

Google Cloud Platform

London, UK


  • Google Cloud Platform


I love data storage, big and small. I have extensive experience with different SQL, NoSQL, Graph, in-Memory, and BigData solutions. I like distributed, scalable, always-on systems, and I enjoy sharing what I know. All along my career I have been a part-time technical trainer on different subjects, and I spent three years as a lecturer at Spanish universities.

I love tech conferences, and I have spoken at more than 60 events in about 15 countries about GCP, Streaming analytics, Machine Learning, BigQuery, Apache Beam, Dataflow, PubSub, Redis, Hadoop and Spark, Distributed Databases, Ruby on Rails, API usability, REST web services, hypermedia APIs, agile development, SEO, analytics, CSS frameworks, game development, software engineering, and team management. In the past, I also helped organising a number of conferences and local groups.

When it comes to programming languages, I am competent at Python, Ruby, and JAVA. I've also used PHP and C++ in the past, and I am not scared of learning new tricks. After all, if I could learn to program using BASIC on an Amstrad when I was 12, and had to write COBOL on paper while at Uni, I am pretty sure I can handle whichever stack is hot right now.

Having co-started 3 companies, I bring a startup mentality even when working with large corporations.

I'm also the author of the book “Aptana RadRails: An IDE for Rails Development” , which I wrote back when I was an active member of the Ruby scene.