Hugo Giraudel

Hugo Giraudel

Web Technologies

Berlin, Germany


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • JavaScript
  • accessibility
  • performance


Hugo is a French front-end developer currently based in Berlin, interested in everything front-end related, especially major topics such as performance, accessibility, search engine optimisation, maintainability and design.

A large part of his job is to craft maintainable and scalable stylesheets with respect for best practices. He’s been working with CSS, Sass and JavaScript for several years now, on projects of various sizes and audiences, as well as on many open-source projects.

Speaking of Open Source Software, Hugo has initiated a few of them such as SassDoc, Sass Guidelines, Browserhacks, Simplified JavaScript Jargon (SJSJ), spritesh, a11y-dialog to name just a few, and contributed to many more.

Besides coding, Hugo also enjoys writing technical literature. He wrote “CSS 3 Pratique du Design Web” (Eyrolles edition) and “Jump Start Sass” (SitePoint edition), as well as over 200 articles, many of them for popular online websites such as SitePoint, CSS-Tricks, Codrops and Tuts+.

To get away from technical activities, Hugo likes to play pool with friends, eat French food (mostly cheese) and hang around with his cats.