Aysegul Yonet

Aysegul Yonet

Web Technologies, Angular

San Francisco, United States


  • AngularJS
  • JavaScript
  • Data Visualization
  • Single Page Application Architecture
  • D3
  • Google Analytics Api
  • ThreeJS


Aysegul is a Javascript developer focusing on AngularJS and data visualization. She is a Senior Software Engineer at Autodesk A360 Cloud Platform, a Developer Expert at Google and an active conference speaker. She enjoys teaching at a variety of non-profit organizations aiming to increase diversity in the software industry. She is also the CTO of AnnieCannons, Inc, an organization that helps human trafficking survivors gain web development skills.

Aysegul’s main focus has been making software skills attainable to traditionally underrepresented groups in the software industry. She prepared curriculums and taught workshops for Girl Develop It in San Francisco. She led Women Who Code meetups teaching Javascript to various levels of students. She also mentored in the Last Mile Project in San Quentin Prison, Black Girls Code and the Computer Clubhouse organizations.

Aysegul regularly talks about integrating web technologies such as AngularJS, D3.js and WebGL. She teaches workshops for creating single page applications.