Abdelrahman Omran

Abdelrahman Omran

Web Technologies, Identity, Assistant, Google Cloud Platform

Alexandria, Egypt


  • RESTful APIs
  • Web Technologies
  • Fullstack Architecture
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Backend Development
  • Open Source Evangelist
  • SAAS | SPA | PHP | Laravel | Cloud | AngularJS | VueJS | Scrum | WebSockets | Modular Systems | Design Patterns | Quality | Standards


Abdelrahman Omran is a proficient multi-skilled Software Architect. He had been in software industry for almost a decade. Through his career life he had worked for multiple national and international companies. He launched two internet companies few years ago.

Omran believes in Open Source, consider himself an Open Source Evangelist and contribute to the community through multiple channels and projects, he also co-launched Google Developer Group Alexandria, and he’s active contributor to the whole GDG community in addition to his mentoring activities to the entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem. He is addicted to quality over quantity, and cares more about fine details.

When he is not in working hours, he either build cool stuff based on Laravel, read about high level software architecture, or enjoy learning Japanese. He is currently working for Midade Co. while building some awesome side-projects for his own upcoming startup called ”Rinvex”, a company specialized in enterprise solutions for SMEs.