Get Involved with #MyFlutterStory, #AskFlutter, and #FlutterLive

Presented from the Science Museum in London, we are optimizing Flutter Live to reach the largest audience of mobile developers and provide all the rigor and excitement of an in-person experience to our global online audience. Regardless of where you watch the event, there are three ways to get involved.
Flutter is open source and community driven. We value our community and want to share their story with the rest of the world. That’s why we are giving you the opportunity to share your #MyFlutterStory. Here are the guidelines to submitting your story - it might show up at the event! We also encourage you to tweet out your video with the #MyFlutterStory hashtag.
Andrew Brogdon from our team will be LIVE on-site answering questions in real time that are posted with #AskFlutter. Tweet your questions and comments with that hashtag and your tweet may appear on the global livestream right after the keynote.
This is our overall event hashtag. We will have a social wall that is constantly showing tweets coming in with #FlutterLive both on-site and on our livestream. Make sure to tweet with pictures, comments, videos, and questions while you experience Flutter Live.