geoBoundaries: Political administrative boundaries at District level (ADM1), v6.0.0

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The geoBoundaries Global Database of Political Administrative Boundaries Database is an online, open license resource of boundaries (i.e., state, county) for every country in the world. Currently 199 total entities are tracked, including all 195 UN member states, Greenland, Taiwan, Niue, and Kosovo.

Comprehensive Global Administrative Zones (CGAZ) is a set of global composites for administrative boundaries. Disputed areas are removed and replaced with polygons following US Department of State definitions. It has three boundary levels ADM0, ADM1, and ADM2, clipped to international boundaries (US Department of State), with gaps filled between borders.

This dataset is part of CGAZ. It was ingested from version 6.0.0 of Global Composite Files with DBF_DATE_LAST_UPDATE=2023-09-13. It shows boundaries at level ADM1 (district-level boundaries).

Table Schema

Table Schema

Name Type Description
shapeGroup STRING

Unique country code

shapeName STRING

Administrative region name

shapeType STRING

Boundary type:

  • ADM0: Country level
  • ADM1: District level
  • ADM2: Municipality level

Unique ID assigned to the shape

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

geoBoundaries datasets are provided under the CC BY 4.0 license, which allows for most commmercial, noncommercial, and academic uses. See provider terms of use.

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var dataset = ee.FeatureCollection('WM/geoLab/geoBoundaries/600/ADM1');

Map.setCenter(-100.0, 38.5, 4);

var styleParams = {
  fillColor: 'b5ffb4',
  color: '00909F',
  width: 1.0,

dataset =;

Map.addLayer(dataset, {}, 'ADM1 Boundaries');
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