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The Cropland Data Layer (CDL) is a crop-specific land cover data layer created annually for the continental United States using moderate resolution satellite imagery and extensive agricultural ground truth. The CDL is created by the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Research and Development Division, Geospatial Information Branch, Spatial Analysis Research Section.

For detailed FAQ please visit CropScape and Cropland Data Layers - FAQs.

To explore details about the classification accuracies and utility of the data, see state-level omission and commission errors by crop type and year.

The asset date is aligned with the calendar year of harvest. For most crops the planted and harvest year are the same. Some exceptions: winter wheat is unique, as it is planted in the prior year. A hay crop like alfalfa could have been planted years prior.

For winter wheat the data also have a class called "Double Crop Winter Wheat/Soybeans". Some mid-latitude areas of the US have conditions such that a second crop (usually soybeans) can be planted immediately after the harvest of winter wheat and itself still be harvested within the same year. So for mapping winter wheat areas use both classes (use both values 24 and 26).

While the CDL date is aligned with year of harvest, the map itself is more representative of what was planted. In other words, a small percentage of fields on a given year will not be harvested.

Some non-agricultural categories are duplicate due to two very different epochs in methodology.

The non-ag codes 63-65 and 81-88 are holdovers from the older methodology and will only appear in CDLs from 2007 and earlier. The non-ag codes from 111-195 are from the current methodology which uses the USGS NLCD as non-ag training and will only appear in CDLs 2007 and newer.

2007 was a transition year so there may be both sets of categories in the 2007 national product but will not appear within the same state.


30 meters


Name Min Max Description
cropland 1 254

Main crop-specific land cover classification.

cultivated 1 2

Classification layer for identifying cultivated and non-cultivated land cover. Available from 2013 to 2017.

confidence 0 100

Per-pixel predicted confidence of the given classification, with 0 being the least confident and 100 the most confident. Available from 2008 to 2017 (Note: Confidence for Florida and Washington D.C. is unavailable for 2010).

cropland Class Table

Value Color Description
1 ffd300 Corn
2 ff2626 Cotton
3 00a8e2 Rice
4 ff9e0a Sorghum
5 267000 Soybeans
6 ffff00 Sunflower
10 70a500 Peanuts
11 00af49 Tobacco
12 dda50a Sweet Corn
13 dda50a Pop or Orn Corn
14 7cd3ff Mint
21 e2007c Barley
22 896054 Durum Wheat
23 d8b56b Spring Wheat
24 a57000 Winter Wheat
25 d69ebc Other Small Grains
26 707000 Dbl Crop WinWht/Soybeans
27 aa007c Rye
28 a05989 Oats
29 700049 Millet
30 d69ebc Speltz
31 d1ff00 Canola
32 7c99ff Flaxseed
33 d6d600 Safflower
34 d1ff00 Rape Seed
35 00af49 Mustard
36 ffa5e2 Alfalfa
37 a5f28c Other Hay/Non Alfalfa
38 00af49 Camelina
39 d69ebc Buckwheat
41 a800e2 Sugarbeets
42 a50000 Dry Beans
43 702600 Potatoes
44 00af49 Other Crops
45 af7cff Sugarcane
46 702600 Sweet Potatoes
47 ff6666 Misc Vegs & Fruits
48 ff6666 Watermelons
49 ffcc66 Onions
50 ff6666 Cucumbers
51 00af49 Chick Peas
52 00ddaf Lentils
53 54ff00 Peas
54 f2a377 Tomatoes
55 ff6666 Caneberries
56 00af49 Hops
57 7cd3ff Herbs
58 e8bfff Clover/Wildflowers
59 afffdd Sod/Grass Seed
60 00af49 Switchgrass
61 bfbf77 Fallow/Idle Cropland
63 93cc93 Forest
64 c6d69e Shrubland
65 ccbfa3 Barren
66 ff00ff Cherries
67 ff8eaa Peaches
68 ba004f Apples
69 704489 Grapes
70 007777 Christmas Trees
71 af9970 Other Tree Crops
72 ffff7c Citrus
74 b5705b Pecans
75 00a582 Almonds
76 e8d6af Walnuts
77 af9970 Pears
81 f2f2f2 Clouds/No Data
82 999999 Developed
83 4970a3 Water
87 7cafaf Wetlands
88 e8ffbf Nonag/Undefined
92 00ffff Aquaculture
111 4970a3 Open Water
112 d3e2f9 Perennial Ice/Snow
121 999999 Developed/Open Space
122 999999 Developed/Low Intensity
123 999999 Developed/Med Intensity
124 999999 Developed/High Intensity
131 ccbfa3 Barren
141 93cc93 Deciduous Forest
142 93cc93 Evergreen Forest
143 93cc93 Mixed Forest
152 c6d69e Shrubland
176 e8ffbf Grassland/Pasture
190 7cafaf Woody Wetlands
195 7cafaf Herbaceous Wetlands
204 00ff8c Pistachios
205 d69ebc Triticale
206 ff6666 Carrots
207 ff6666 Asparagus
208 ff6666 Garlic
209 ff6666 Cantaloupes
210 ff8eaa Prunes
211 334933 Olives
212 e27026 Oranges
213 ff6666 Honeydew Melons
214 ff6666 Broccoli
215 739755 Avocados
216 ff6666 Peppers
217 af9970 Pomegranates
218 ff8eaa Nectarines
219 ff6666 Greens
220 ff8eaa Plums
221 ff6666 Strawberries
222 ff6666 Squash
223 ff8eaa Apricots
224 00af49 Vetch
225 ffd300 Dbl Crop WinWht/Corn
226 ffd300 Dbl Crop Oats/Corn
227 ff6666 Lettuce
228 f8d248 Dbl Crop Triticale/Corn
229 ff6666 Pumpkins
230 896054 Dbl Crop Lettuce/Durum Wht
231 ff6666 Dbl Crop Lettuce/Cantaloupe
232 ff2626 Dbl Crop Lettuce/Cotton
233 e2007c Dbl Crop Lettuce/Barley
234 ff9e0a Dbl Crop Durum Wht/Sorghum
235 ff9e0a Dbl Crop Barley/Sorghum
236 a57000 Dbl Crop WinWht/Sorghum
237 ffd300 Dbl Crop Barley/Corn
238 a57000 Dbl Crop WinWht/Cotton
239 267000 Dbl Crop Soybeans/Cotton
240 267000 Dbl Crop Soybeans/Oats
241 ffd300 Dbl Crop Corn/Soybeans
242 000099 Blueberries
243 ff6666 Cabbage
244 ff6666 Cauliflower
245 ff6666 Celery
246 ff6666 Radishes
247 ff6666 Turnips
248 ff6666 Eggplants
249 ff6666 Gourds
250 ff6666 Cranberries
254 267000 Dbl Crop Barley/Soybeans

cultivated Class Table

Value Color Description
1 d3d3d3 Non-cultivated
2 b1b58c Cultivated

Image Properties

Image Properties

Name Type Description
cropland_class_names STRING_LIST

Array of cropland landcover classification names.

cropland_class_palette STRING_LIST

Array of hex code color strings used for the classification palette.

cropland_class_values INT_LIST

Value of the land cover classification.

cultivated_class_names STRING_LIST

Array of cropland landcover classification names.

cultivated_class_palette STRING_LIST

Array of hex code color strings used for the classification palette.

cultivated_class_values INT_LIST

Value of the land cover classification.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The NASS Cropland Data Layer has no copyright restrictions. The CDL is considered public domain and free to redistribute. However, NASS would appreciate acknowledgment for the usage of our CDL product.


  • USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Cropland Data Layer. {YEAR}. Published crop-specific data layer [Online]. Available at (accessed {DATE}; verified {DATE}). USDA-NASS, Washington, DC.

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