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ArcticDEM is a National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and National Science Foundation (NSF) public-private initiative to automatically produce a high-resolution, high-quality digital surface model (DSM) of the Arctic using optical stereo imagery, high-performance computing, and open source photogrammetry software. It includes vegetation, tree canopy, buildings, and other man-made surface features. The 2m asset is a collection of strips rather than a single mosaic due to projection differences between strips.

Mosaicked DEM files are compiled from the best quality strip DEM files which have been blended and feathered to reduce void areas and edge-matching artifacts. Filtered IceSAT altimetry data has been applied to the raster files to improve absolute accuracy.


2 meters


Name Units Min Max Description
elevation m -416.45* 5971.24*


* estimated min or max value

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

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By using PGC data in Earth Engine, users agree to cite PGC and its sponsorship by the NSF. The original source of any third-party data supplied by PGC must also be properly attributed.

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  • DEM(s) created by the Polar Geospatial Center from DigitalGlobe, Inc. imagery. Porter, Claire; Morin, Paul; Howat, Ian; Noh, Myoung-Jon; Bates, Brian; Peterman, Kenneth; Keesey, Scott; Schlenk, Matthew; Gardiner, Judith; Tomko, Karen; Willis, Michael; Kelleher, Cole; Cloutier, Michael; Husby, Eric; Foga, Steven; Nakamura, Hitomi; Platson, Melisa; Wethington, Michael, Jr.; Williamson, Cathleen; Bauer, Gregory; Enos, Jeremy; Arnold, Galen; Kramer, William; Becker, Peter; Doshi, Abhijit; D'Souza, Cristelle; Cummens, Pat; Laurier, Fabien; Bojesen, Mikkel, 2018, ArcticDEM, Harvard Dataverse, V1, [Date Accessed].


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var dataset = ee.Image('UMN/PGC/ArcticDEM/V3/2m_mosaic');
var elevation ='elevation');
var elevationVis = {
  min: -50.0,
  max: 1000.0,
  palette: ['0d13d8', '60e1ff', 'ffffff'],
Map.setCenter(-63.402, 66.368, 7);
Map.addLayer(elevation, elevationVis, 'Elevation');
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