MERRA-2 M2T1NXFLX: Surface Flux Diagnostics V5.12.4

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M2T1NXFLX (or tavg1_2d_flx_Nx) is an hourly time-averaged data collection in Modern-Era Retrospective analysis for Research and Applications version 2 (MERRA-2). This collection consists of assimilated surface flux diagnostics, such as total precipitation, bias corrected total precipitation, surface air temperature, surface specific humidity, surface wind speed, and evaporation from turbulence. The "surface" in this data collection is the model surface layer. The heights of the model surface layer (HLML) vary with time and location, with the value of ~60 meters above ground. The data field is time-stamped with the central time of an hour starting from 00:30 UTC, e.g.: 00:30, 01:30, ... , 23:30 UTC.

MERRA-2 is the latest version of global atmospheric reanalysis for the satellite era produced by NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) using the Goddard Earth Observing System Model (GEOS) version 5.12.4. The dataset covers the period of 1980-present with the latency of ~3 weeks after the end of a month.


69375 meters

Y Resolution
55000 meters


Name Units Min Max Description
BSTAR m/s^2 -0.021035* 0.791739*

Surface buoyancy scale

CDH kg/m^2/s 8e-06* 0.522482*

Surface exchange coefficient for heat

CDM kg/m^2/s 5e-06* 0.518079*

Surface exchange coefficient for momentum

CDQ kg/m^2/s 8e-06* 0.522482*

Surface exchange coefficient for moisture

CN 0.000646* 0.032227*

Surface neutral drag coefficient

DISPH m 0* 23.0781*

Zero plane displacement height

EFLUX W/m^2 -308.949* 1655.85*

Total latent energy flux

EVAP kg/m^2/s -0.00011* 0.000673*

Evaporation from turbulence

FRCAN 0* 1*

Areal fraction of anvil showers

FRCCN 0* 0.423096*

Areal fraction of convective showers

FRCLS 0* 1*

Areal fraction of nonanvil large scale showers


Ice covered fraction of tile

GHTSKIN W/m^2 -245.078* 1e+15*

Ground heating for skin temperature

HFLUX W/m^2 -1181.24* 686.742*

Sensible heat flux from turbulence

HLML m 42.3642* 71.0599*

Surface layer height

NIRDF W/m^2 0* 282.495*

Surface downwelling nearinfrared diffuse flux

NIRDR W/m^2 0* 592.217*

Surface downwelling nearinfrared beam flux

PBLH m 42.3621* 5780.88*

Planetary boundary layer height

PGENTOT kg/m^2/s 0* 0.017593*

Total column production of precipitation

PRECANV kg/m^2/s 0* 0.000968*

Anvil precipitation

PRECCON kg/m^2/s 0* 0.002629*

Convective precipitation

PRECLSC kg/m^2/s 0* 0.014614*

Nonanvil large scale precipitation

PRECSNO kg/m^2/s 0* 0.006308*


PRECTOTCORR kg/m^2/s 0* 0.110565*

Total precipitation

PRECTOT kg/m^2/s 0* 0.017509*

Total precipitation

PREVTOT kg/m^2/s 0* 0.001474*

Total column re-evaporation/sublimation of precipitation

QLML 0* 0.034333*

Surface specific humidity

QSH Mass fraction 0* 0.044069*

Effective surface specific humidity

QSTAR Mass fraction -0.000139* 0.005463*

Surface moisture scale

RHOA kg/m^3 0.658498* 1.68283*

Air density at surface

RISFC -318.273* 578.05*

Surface bulk Richardson number

SPEEDMAX m/s 0.074227* 49.4767*

Surface wind speed

SPEED m/s 0.061141* 49.3541*

Surface wind speed

TAUGWX N/m^2 -3.06294* 5.8716*

Surface eastward gravity wave stress

TAUGWY N/m^2 -5.10649* 4.99554*

Surface northward gravity wave stress

TAUX N/m^2 -5.48865* 5.09378*

Eastward surface stress

TAUY N/m^2 -6.19036* 4.19191*

Northward surface stress

TCZPBL m 6.55864* 2.83712e+06*

Transcom planetary boundary layer height

TLML K 191.833* 320.174*

Surface air temperature

TSH K 185.73* 328.859*

Effective surface skin temperature

TSTAR K -11.0761* 5.74402*

Surface temperature scale

ULML m/s -48.8082* 42.8239*

Surface eastward wind

USTAR m/s 0.000667* 2.31844*

Surface velocity scale

VLML m/s -41.9408* 44.3777*

Surface northward wind

Z0H m 1e-05* 4.54622*

Surface roughness for heat

Z0M m 1e-05* 4.54622*

Surface roughness

* estimated min or max value

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

NASA promotes the full and open sharing of all data with research and applications communities, private industry, academia, and the general public.

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var dataset = ee.ImageCollection('NASA/GSFC/MERRA/flx/2')
                  .filter('2022-02-01', '2022-02-02'));
var surface_buoyancy_scale ='BSTAR');
var sbsVis = {
  min: -0.00998,
  max: 0.01174,
  palette: ['001137', '01abab', 'e7eb05', '620500']
Map.setCenter(-95, 39, 2);
Map.addLayer(surface_buoyancy_scale, sbsVis, 'Surface buoyancy scale');
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