JRC Yearly Water Classification History, v1.3 [deprecated]

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This dataset contains maps of the location and temporal distribution of surface water from 1984 to 2020 and provides statistics on the extent and change of those water surfaces. For more information see the associated journal article: High-resolution mapping of global surface water and its long-term changes (Nature, 2016) and the online Data Users Guide.

These data were generated using 4,453,989 scenes from Landsat 5, 7, and 8 acquired between 16 March 1984 and 31 December 2020. Each pixel was individually classified into water / non-water using an expert system and the results were collated into a monthly history for the entire time period and two epochs (1984-1999, 2000-2020) for change detection.

This Yearly Seasonality Classification collection contains a year-by-year classification of the seasonality of water based on the occurrence values detected throughout the year.


30 meters


Name Description

Classification of the seasonality of water throughout the year.

waterClass Class Table

Value Color Description
0 #cccccc No data
1 #ffffff Not water
2 #99d9ea Seasonal water
3 #0000ff Permanent water

Image Properties

Image Properties

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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

All data here is produced under the Copernicus Programme and is provided free of charge, without restriction of use. For the full license information see the Copernicus Regulation.

Publications, models, and data products that make use of these datasets must include proper acknowledgement, including citing datasets and the journal article as in the following citation.

If you are using the data as a layer in a published map, please include the following attribution text: 'Source: EC JRC/Google'


  • Jean-Francois Pekel, Andrew Cottam, Noel Gorelick, Alan S. Belward, High-resolution mapping of global surface water and its long-term changes. Nature 540, 418-422 (2016). (doi:10.1038/nature20584)

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var dataset = ee.ImageCollection('JRC/GSW1_3/YearlyHistory');

var visualization = {
  bands: ['waterClass'],
  min: 0.0,
  max: 3.0,
  palette: ['cccccc', 'ffffff', '99d9ea', '0000ff']

Map.setCenter(59.414, 45.182, 7);

Map.addLayer(dataset, visualization, 'Water Class');
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