PALSAR-2 ScanSAR Level 2.2

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The 25 m PALSAR-2 ScanSAR is normalized backscatter data of PALSAR-2 broad area observation mode with observation width of 350 km. The SAR imagery was ortho-rectificatied and slope corrected using the ALOS World 3D - 30 m (AW3D30) Digital Surface Model. Polarization data are stored as 16-bit digital numbers (DN). The DN values can be converted to gamma naught values in decibel unit (dB) using the following equation:

  • γ0 = 10*log10(DN2) - 83.0 dB

Level 2.2 data are ortho-rectified and radiometrically terrain-corrected.

This dataset is compatible with the Committee on Earth Observation (CEOS) Analysis Ready Data for LAND (CARD4L) standard.


25 meters


Name Units Scale Description

HH polarization Terrain-flattened Gamma-Nought backscatter coefficient.


HV polarization Terrain-flattened Gamma-Nought backscatter coefficient.

LIN deg 0.01

Local incidence angle. The angle formed by the radar irradiation direction and the normal of the slope.


Data quality bitmask.

Image Properties

Image Properties

Name Type Description
AntennaPointing STRING

Antenna pointing direction ("Right" or "Left").

AzimuthPixelSpacing DOUBLE

Azimuth pixel spacing.

AzimuthResolution DOUBLE

Azimuth resolution.


Beam ID.

DataAccess_ProcessingTime STRING

Processing time of this product (ISO8601 string).

DataAccess_SoftwareVersion STRING

Software version of this product.

DigitalElevationModel STRING

Type of DEM used ("Elevation" or "Surface").

EasternBias DOUBLE

Bias of easting error.


Standard deviation of easting error.


Easting of Lower Right of Product.


Easting of upper left of product.

Estimates_HH DOUBLE

Estimated HH value in Noise Equivalent Intensity (NESZ).

Estimates_HV DOUBLE

Estimated HV value in Noise Equivalent Intensity (NESZ).

FilterApplied STRING

Whether a filter was applied ("TRUE" or "FALSE").

FilterType STRING

Filter type (N/A if no filtering was applied).

FirstAcquisitionDate STRING

Observation date of the first acquisition (ISO8601 string).


Ionospheric delay correction ("TEC model" or "Coregistration").

IncAngleFarRange DOUBLE

Incident angle in far range.

IncAngleNearRange DOUBLE

Incident angle in near range.

IonosphericDelayCorrectionApplied DOUBLE

Whether ionospheric delay correction was applied ("TRUE" or "FALSE").

LastAcquisitionDate STRING

Observation date of the last acquisition (ISO 8601 string).

NRAlgorithm STRING

Noise removal algorithm.

NoiseRemovalApplied STRING

Whether noise removal algorithm was applied ("TRUE" or "FALSE").

NorthernBias DOUBLE

Bias of northing error.

NorthernSTDev DOUBLE

Standard deviation of northing error.

Northing_LR DOUBLE

Northing of lower right of product.

Northing_UL DOUBLE

Northing of upper left of product.

ObservationMode STRING

Observation mode.

OrbitDataSource STRING

Orbit data source (e.g., predicted, definite, precise, downlinked).

PassDirection STRING

Pass direction ("Ascending" or "Descending").

Polarizations STRING_LIST

Transmit/Receive polarisation for the data. There is one element for each Tx/Rx combination: ['VV'], ['HH'], ['VV', 'VH'], or ['HH', 'HV'].

ProductColumnSpacing DOUBLE

Product column spacing.

ProductRowSpacing DOUBLE

Product row spacing.

Product_Version DOUBLE

Product version.

RSP_Frame_Number INT

Scene frame number.

RSP_Path_Number INT

Scene path number.

RadarCenterFrequency DOUBLE

Center frequency.

RangePixelSpacing DOUBLE

Range pixel spacing.

RangeResolution INT

Range resolution.

SlantRangeCorrection INT_LIST

The correction for each scan described from the first scan.

SourceProcParam_ProcessingDate STRING

Processing date of the source product (ISO8601 string).

SourceProcParam_ProcessingFacility STRING

Processing facility of the source product.

SourceProcParam_ProductID STRING

Product ID of the source product.

SourceProcParam_SoftwareVersion DOUBLE

Software version of the source product.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Anyone can use this data free of charge subject to the to the attribution requirements. For detailed terms of use see JAXA G-Portal Terms of service (Section 7. Condition concerning of G-Portal data).


  • The data used for this paper have been provided by Earth Observation Research Center (EORC) of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

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var collection = ee.ImageCollection('JAXA/ALOS/PALSAR-2/Level2_2/ScanSAR')
  .filterBounds(ee.Geometry.Point(143, -5));
var image = collection.first();

Map.addLayer(['HH']), {min: 0, max: 8000}, 'HH polarization');
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