Open Buildings V2 Polygons

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This large-scale open dataset consists of outlines of buildings derived from high-resolution 50 cm satellite imagery. It contains 816M building detections in Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. The inference spanned an area of 39.1M km².

For each building in this dataset we include the polygon describing its footprint on the ground, a confidence score indicating how sure we are that this is a building, and a Plus Code corresponding to the center of the building. There is no information about the type of building, its street address, or any details other than its geometry.

Building footprints are useful for a range of important applications: from population estimation, urban planning and humanitarian response to environmental and climate science. The project being based in Ghana, the current focus is on the continent of Africa.

Inference was carried out during Aug 2022.

For more details see the official website of the Open Buildings dataset.

Table Schema

Table Schema

Name Type Description
area_in_meters DOUBLE

Area in square meters of the polygon.

confidence DOUBLE

Confidence score [0.5;1.0] assigned by the model.

full_plus_code STRING

The full Plus Code at the building polygon centroid.

longitude_latitude GEOMETRY

Centroid of the polygon.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use



  • W. Sirko, S. Kashubin, M. Ritter, A. Annkah, Y.S.E. Bouchareb, Y. Dauphin, D. Keysers, M. Neumann, M. Cisse, J.A. Quinn. Continental-scale building detection from high resolution satellite imagery. arXiv:2107.12283, 2021.

Explore in Earth Engine

// Visualization of GOOGLE/Research/open-buildings/v2/polygons.

var t = ee.FeatureCollection('GOOGLE/Research/open-buildings/v2/polygons');

var t_060_065 = t.filter('confidence >= 0.60 && confidence < 0.65');
var t_065_070 = t.filter('confidence >= 0.65 && confidence < 0.70');
var t_gte_070 = t.filter('confidence >= 0.70');

Map.addLayer(t_060_065, {color: 'FF0000'}, 'Buildings confidence [0.60; 0.65)');
Map.addLayer(t_065_070, {color: 'FFFF00'}, 'Buildings confidence [0.65; 0.70)');
Map.addLayer(t_gte_070, {color: '00FF00'}, 'Buildings confidence >= 0.70');
Map.setCenter(3.389, 6.492, 17);  // Lagos, Nigeria

Visualize as a FeatureView

A FeatureView is a view-only, accelerated representation of a FeatureCollection. For more details, visit the FeatureView documentation.

var fvLayer = ui.Map.FeatureViewLayer(

var visParams = {
  rules: [
      filter: ee.Filter.expression('confidence >= 0.60 && confidence < 0.65'),
      color: 'FF0000'
      filter: ee.Filter.expression('confidence >= 0.65 && confidence < 0.70'),
      color: 'FFFF00'
      filter: ee.Filter.expression('confidence >= 0.70'),
      color: '00FF00'


Map.setCenter(3.389, 6.492, 17);  // Lagos, Nigeria