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GlobCover 2009 is a global land cover map based on ENVISAT's Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) Level 1B data acquired in full resolution mode with a spatial resolution of approximately 300 meters.


300 meters


Name Description

The land cover map is derived by an automatic and regionally-tuned classification of a time series of global MERIS FR mosaics for the year 2009. The global land cover map counts 22 land cover classes defined with the United Nations (UN) Land Cover Classification System (LCCS).


Binary quality band indicating whether the reference dataset has been used instead of the output of the GlobCover classification scheme.

landcover Class Table

Value Color Description
11 #aaefef Post-flooding or irrigated croplands
14 #ffff63 Rainfed croplands
20 #dcef63 Mosaic cropland (50-70%) / vegetation (grassland, shrubland, forest) (20-50%)
30 #cdcd64 Mosaic vegetation (grassland, shrubland, forest) (50-70%) / cropland (20-50%)
40 #006300 Closed to open (>15%) broadleaved evergreen and/or semi-deciduous forest (>5m)
50 #009f00 Closed (>40%) broadleaved deciduous forest (>5m)
60 #aac700 Open (15-40%) broadleaved deciduous forest (>5m)
70 #003b00 Closed (>40%) needleleaved evergreen forest (>5m)
90 #286300 Open (15-40%) needleleaved deciduous or evergreen forest (>5m)
100 #788300 Closed to open (>15%) mixed broadleaved and needleleaved forest (>5m)
110 #8d9f00 Mosaic forest-shrubland (50-70%) / grassland (20-50%)
120 #bd9500 Mosaic grassland (50-70%) / forest-shrubland (20-50%)
130 #956300 Closed to open (>15%) shrubland (<5m)
140 #ffb431 Closed to open (>15%) grassland
150 #ffebae Sparse (>15%) vegetation (woody vegetation, shrubs, grassland)
160 #00785a Closed (>40%) broadleaved forest regularly flooded - Fresh water
170 #009578 Closed (>40%) broadleaved semi-deciduous and/or evergreen forest regularly flooded - saline water
180 #00dc83 Closed to open (>15%) vegetation (grassland, shrubland, woody vegetation) on regularly flooded or waterlogged soil - fresh, brackish or saline water
190 #c31300 Artificial surfaces and associated areas (urban areas >50%) GLOBCOVER 2009
200 #fff5d6 Bare areas
210 #0046c7 Water bodies
220 #ffffff Permanent snow and ice
230 #743411 Unclassified

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The GlobCover products have been processed by ESA and by the Université Catholique de Louvain. They are made available to the public by ESA. You may use the GlobCover land cover map for educational and/or scientific purposes, without any fee on the condition that you credit ESA and the Université Catholique de Louvain as the source of the GlobCover products.



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var landcover ='landcover');
Map.setCenter(-88.6, 26.4, 3);
Map.addLayer(landcover, {}, 'Landcover');
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