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Integrate your app with Google Drive

Access, edit, and save your app's files to Google Drive.
Play with the API. Try the five minute quick start guide.

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Put your app in front of millions of Gmail users

Create a Chrome Web Store listing to let users open attachments in your app directly from Gmail. Help users find your app based on the file types it can open.

Launch your app from Google Drive

Create and open files with your app straight from Google Drive. Download files so users can edit and save them back to Google Drive.

Create rich collaborative experiences

Add collaboration to your app so users can work together using the Realtime API.

Example App: QuickEditor

Learn how to create a simple text editor capable of editing Google Drive files. You'll see how easy it is to create a new file from the Drive UI as well as open a file from the Drive UI.

API reference docs

Read our API documentation to see how easy it is to integrate your app with Drive.

Two-minute video: Introduction to the Drive API