Drive Activity API v1 has reached the end of its deprecation period and is shutting down as announced in December 2018. Migrate to API v2 as soon as possible to avoid disruptions to your application.

Google Drive Activity API Overview

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The Activity API consists of the DriveActivity resource, which represents changes made to objects within a user's Google Drive, and the query method, which allows you to retrieve information about those changes.


Your app requests a user's activity data using the query method. You can request activity either for a specific Drive item or for everything contained underneath a Drive folder. For a given request, you can choose to restrict the response by constraints such as time range or type of action, and you can choose to have the activity consolidated in the response. See the Making Requests guide for more information.


The response to a request is a list of activities matching the given parameters, where each activity is represented by a DriveActivity resource:


A DriveActivity is a collection of Actions, each of which is self-contained like an event, comprising an ActionDetail (such as Create or Edit), an Actor (such as User or Administrator), a Target (such as DriveItem or Drive), and either a Timestamp or TimeRange.

A DriveActivity also contains summary information, such as the collected Actors and Targets from all the actions, a unified Timestamp or TimeRange, and either the most important or representative ActionDetail of the contained Actions.

See the Data Model guide for more information.


Some activity on Drive may not be reported when you use this API. Whether the Drive Activity API will report a given change to an object depends on whether the change, or information about the change, is visible to the user authenticated in your application.

This visibility is based on the permissions set for that object. For example, if an author shares a document in Drive, the activity history for that document will be visible to not only the creator, but also to the authenticated users with whom it was shared. And if the document is then made private again, users will see that the permissions were restricted and will see no further activity on the document.

Getting Started

To get the most out of the Drive Activity API, integrate your app with the Google Drive API first. To get started with the Drive Activity API, learn how to create a project and authorize requests. Or, dive right in and read about activities in the API reference.